New Recipes of the Week
Week starting May 14, 2012

  1. Pine Nut Olive Oil Bread
  2. Tortellini Pasta Noodles in Creamy Sauce
  3. Baby Lamb Chops with Madeira Wine Sauce
  4. Dates Wrapped in Ham
  5. Fresh Corn Kernels, Sweet Red Pepper and Leek Soup
  6. Coffee Molasses Sponge Bundt Cake
  7. Fancy Potato Salad
  8. Orange Blossom Water Almond Paste Stuffed Dates
  9. Fresh Rosemary Lamb Stew
  10. Italian Bacon Zinfandel Wine Chicken Parts
  11. Steamed New Potatoes with Chive Butter
  12. Bread Apricot Raisin Custard, Brandy Sauce [optional]